Blue Chalcedony Sphere with Quartz Crystal Inclusions - Polished
Blue Chalcedony Sphere with Quartz Crystal Inclusions - Polished

Blue Chalcedony Sphere with Quartz Crystal Inclusions - Polished

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Polished Blue Chalcedony Sphere with Quartz Crystal Inclusions  

Origin: Madagascar

Weight: 3.4 lb

Diameter: 103 mm

Blue Chalcedony:

Chakra: Throat

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Properties: Motivation, Mastering Fear, Peace of Mind, Transformation, New Beginnings, Living in the Present Moment

Blue stones represent the Throat chakra. The Throat chakra very much deals with speaking your truth, communicating your wants and needs, and clearly and concisely expressing your thoughts. 

Blue Chalcedony brings strength and calm to the emotional body. It is a calming and grounding agent. It is a powerful and substantial energetic stone, while remaining soft and gentle and supportive. It aids in public speaking events and difficult discussions. Like a soft, shimmery blue cloud on a ray of moonshine, gently soothing misunderstandings and easing tensions, forged by cosmic gamma-rays. Use to strengthen your clarity of vision and goals. A bringer of light and serenity. Chalcedony has been used as material for decoration, ritual, and adornment for as long as humans have been creating images and carving various material. As ancient and vital as the Moon that it represents. Helps to optimize focus and clarity of thought, especially when studying. As it also helps to retain the information acquired from studying. Beloved of writers.

Category: Oxide minerals

Group: Quartz

Member of: Silica Group

Variety: Chalcedony

Chemical Formula: SiO2

Color: Light blue with clouded milky-white banding

Streak: White

Luster: Waxy, Dull

Hardness: 6.5-7

Specific Gravity: 2.6

Crystal System: Trigonal or monoclinic

Formula mass: 60g/mol

Cleavage: Absent

Diaphaneity: Translucent

Blue Chalcedony, a member of the Quartz family of minerals. Chalcedony is formed as a nodule in volcanic rocks, lava or from filled veins or cracks in the volcanic rock. To achieve blue from other agates, iron pigment is used in the dye process.

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