Green Apatite Sphere - Polished

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Polished Green Apatite Sphere

Weight: 1.2 lb / 0.5 kg

Green Apatite is a variety of Apatite that can be found in chunk and crystallized form. The finest Green Apatite specimens have come from Madagascar and Russia. Green Apatite may be green, yellow-green, or sea-green tinged with blue. The name Apatite is derived from a Greek word meaning “to deceive” because the variety of colors and formations in which this stone occurs makes it easy to mistake for other minerals.

Apatite is often difficult to identify and is frequently confused with Beryl and other crystals. It comes in many colors which makes it especially deceiving. Apatite is actually a group of minerals containing sever mineral species including the common Fluorapatite (which is the type of this green variety). 

Natural Green Apatite occurs in colors such as peridot-green, emerald-green, and a deep bottle green. Specimens from Madagascar favor this narrow spectrum of colors. 

When choosing natural Green Apatite, the stone’s color is most important. Green Apatite favors a deep saturation of color, creating very vivid stones.

Each piece in this collection is hand-selected and unique, you will receive the specific piece that you choose from the photographs listed.